Tuesday, April 1, 2014

San Antonio!

We took a short drive (45 min.) to downtown San Antonio.  We found a public parking lot ($5 for the entire day) just a couple of blocks from the Alamo.  The Alamo itself looks pretty much the same as it did 18 years ago.  However, the area surrounding the Alamo sure has changed with all the shops, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, etc. . .

The Alamo                                                      Emily Morgan Hotel

San Antonio 004Emily Morgan Hotel 001

We had to get a picture of the Emily Morgan Hotel – we stayed there YEARS ago when we lived in Laredo.

On to the River Walk!  This was the best part of the entire day.  We absolutely love this place.  It’s amazing to walk along the river with all the beautiful landscaping and realize that you’re smack in the middle of the downtown of a large city. 

San Antonio 015San Antonio 007

San Antonio 017San Antonio 023

We had lunch at the oldest restaurant on the River Walk.  Very good food and decent prices. 

                                    San Antonio 013

We took one of the river boat tours when we first got there.  It was so worth it!  Our “captain” and tour guide explained that the water is only about 4’ deep, so if you fall overboard and feel that you need a life jacket, just walk over to the boat and he’ll be glad to hand you one! 

Had to get this picture of the Tower of the Americas.  This is where Rick took Janice and her parents for dinner to celebrate our engagement in 1986.

                                    San Antonio 020

Another great day in The Suite Life!!

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  1. Really enjoyed the great pics... ya'll keep the good times a comin'