Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cowboy Capital of the World

We went to Bandera, TX today, the Cowboy Capital of the World!  What an interesting town.  .
Bandera Trip on Phone 028 Bandera Trip on Phone 031
They put on a show at the town square, across from the courthouse, reenacting life in the 1800’s

A Shoot Out!....

Bandera 009                      Bandera 010  
Fixing a toothache with dynamite?…     Friends, Frank & Ruth, “horsing” around. .
Bandera Trip on Phone 034                      Bandera Trip on Phone 030
Bandera County Courthouse           Historic Downtown Bandera
Bandera Trip on Phone 041Bandera 017
We then headed north out of Bandera on 173, and made a stop at Camp Verde.  Prior to the Civil War, under the direction of then U.S. Secretary Of War, Jefferson Davis (later president of the Confederate States), the U.S. Army began training camels for use as pack animals and cavalry units for use in the southwest.  Hmmmm… maybe this was not a new idea that General Patton came up with for desert warfare in north Africa during WWII after all.  It now seems to us to be a really nice tourist trap and high priced restaurant.  If you have any interest, you can go to  So, back on the road up to 2771, south on 16, back to Bandera.  Beautiful drive through the Texas hill country!
Bandera Map 001 Bandera 019
While we were at Camp Verde, we received a text picture from our niece of their back yard in central Ohio covered in fresh fallen snow with  the caption “really?!?!?”.  We just had to take this picture and respond with, “yes, really!”
                              Bandera Trip on Phone 046
We stopped for an early dinner at Old Spanish Trail Restaurant in Bandera.  Great food at great prices.  This gives a real visual of the saying “saddle up to the bar”. . .
                       Bandera 020
All in all, another great day of sightseeing with great friends.  Life is suite!


  1. Hey Girl... your gettin' really good at this here Bloggin' I thank you got the jest of it fo sho. LoL Really you are doing so great. I enjoy reading your blogs. Miss you.

    1. Miss you, too! Thanks for the encouragement.