Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Trip to Medina Lake


We left the Colorado River campground in Columbus, TX and headed to our next destination:  Medina Lake Thousand Trails, just east of San Antonio.  We stopped at a Buc-ee’s along the way.  Buc-ee’s is a fuel station/convenient store, but OMG. We have never experienced at convenience store like that!  They have EVERYTHING!  It’s a gift shop/clothing store/deli/candy shop/etc. . . .  

drive to medina lake 032drive to medina lake 037

The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush were absolutely beautiful!!

We missed one very important turn on our journey.  Ended up on a road with a sign “state maintenance ends”, 30 mph, road continues to narrow. . .  uh, this isn’t looking good.  So, Rick pulls over and I called the campground.  The lady was very nice, but of course, she didn’t know where we were anymore than we did!  So, we finally found a place to get a 34’ fifth wheel turned around and got back on the right track!  I guess that’s just part of the adventure. . .  yeah, we’re gonna say that. . . .

drive to medina lake 039We found a nice site, got backed in, plugged in, and. . . no power!  Our power management system had an error code that the post had been wired backwards.  So, we called the office and a maintenance guy showed up & switched the wires.  All is good! 

We hope to get out and explore the park and take pictures.  However, Rick has twisted his knee, and is trying to rest it as much as possible.  As soon as he’s “up and moving” again, we’ll post more pics. 


  1. I told you Buccee's was awesome. . .glad you got to experience it! and yup. . .every RV'er's gotta do the road ends thingy. . .at least twice. . .maybe three (yikes) times. . .just glad you found a spot to turn around. . .goodness!

    you gotta get that man goin'. . .Medina is awesome to explore, even if there is no lake. . .enjoy!

    1. Well, once is enough for me on the "road ends thingy"!! :)

  2. We will be waiting for pics. I hope Rick's knee is feeling better.