Friday, March 21, 2014

Blue Bell & Bluebonnets

Another great day with great friends!  We started off with breakfast at Becky’s Café, a little diner in Columbus, TX.  On our way to the Blue Bell ice cream factory, we stopped at a hardware/general store.  While looking around, I realized how new this all still is. . . .
                                        Blue Bell Ice Cream 014
I saw this really neat Texas star, and the first thought that popped into my head was “this would look really good on the end of our barn”.  Ok, #1 – we don’t have a barn anymore and #2 – our barn was in central Ohio!  We got a little chuckle out of that.
After we left the store we had to stop at a patch of bluebonnets.  Apparently, this is a “Texas thing” that you have your picture taken in a field of bluebonnets.  Thanks to Janice Evans, here it is!!
Photo: your very first bluebonnets. . .awwww!
Then we were off to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory.  The employees’ motto is “eat what you can and sell the rest”.  They have freezers in the break room full of their products, and the employees can eat all they want.  Hmm. . . that almost makes me want to go back to work! 
Blue Bell Ice Cream 019Blue Bell Ice Cream 007
                    Blue Bell Ice Cream 017Blue Bell Ice Cream 016
Great pics of Janice & David and Ed & Debi.  We have really enjoyed our time with them, but all good things must come to an end.  Janice & David are pulling out today and Ed & Debi are leaving on Sunday.  But. . . we know we’ll meet up again somewhere along the way! 


  1. Well Whooptido... LoL
    Girl it is AWESOME, you did a great job. You tell a short story and have pictures. Now that's what I call a good blog. You will do just fine.

  2. We've had such a fabulous time with "all y'all". . .we've been more places, and stayed up later the last three weeks than we have in the last six months. . .headed to Conroe to rest. . .LOL! so much fun. . .we gotta cross paths again for sure!

    The Blog is great. . .you are well on your way. . .

  3. I have one of those big Texas stars on my garage. I love it! I also went to a sale in Columbus and bought a smaller Texas star painted with bluebonnets and it is by my back patio door. And yes, I also have one in the motorhome with Texas flag design. Guess I really do like them.
    Ya'll can come up to Thousand Trails Medina Lake and keep me company. I will be here until April 5th.

  4. If I worked at Blue Bell, I'd be in big, big trouble.