Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter, Fogged Windows, Tornadoes

We left Amarillo on Tuesday, April 15 and followed our friends Dale & Jan Butler home to Westville, OK.   It was nice to just follow for a change!
                                     Little ROck 011
They were more than gracious hosts – we had a cement driveway with water and electric and the best tour guides EVER of the area.  We spent some time in Bentonville, AR where the corporate offices of Walmart is located.  There is a visitors’ center which tells the story – very interesting!
  Little ROck 016                  Little ROck 017
We also visited the Cherokee National Museum.  Very humbling experience. 
                                   Little ROck 030
We celebrated Easter with the Butler's at their Methodist church (which is right behind their house).  After church, we went with them to Jan's sister's house for a wonderful family gathering.  Jan's family took us right in!

We left the Butler's the next morning and spend the night in North Little Rock.  Then headed the next day to our appointment with the RV Fog Doctor in Searcy, AR.  Wow – they did a great job! 
                                  Little ROck 052
We decided to go back to the Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock.  It’s a nice park right on the Arkansas River with lots to do and see. 
Little ROck 057Little ROck 058
Little ROck 065Little ROck 069
On Sunday, April 27, the weather forecasters had been “going at it” for 3 days about the severe weather that was coming.  It made us a little nervous to see the Weather Channel parked right outside the campground. . . just waiting. . .
                               Little ROck 070
The tornado sirens went off about 7:15 pm.  The tornado was about 20 miles from us.  We were very fortunate that all the storms went around us. 

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