Saturday, April 5, 2014

Natural Bridge Caverns

Yesterday we visited Natural Bridge Caverns.  They are the largest caverns in Texas.  The size and depth of them was not discovered until the 1960’s.  The first picture is of the “natural bridge”.  The temperature in the caverns is a constant 70 degrees with 99% humidity.  It got a little stuffy. . . . 

NBCaverns 005NBCaverns 006

NBCaverns 007NBCaverns 008

NBCaverns 009NBCaverns 010

NBCaverns 014NBCaverns 015

NBCaverns 019NBCaverns 023

On the way home, Rick pulled off for some bluebonnet photo ops!

NBCaverns 026NBCaverns 033

NBCaverns 027NBCaverns 034


  1. you actually got the man to stop for flowers. . .success! LOL. . .

    1. Oh Janice. . . that is too funny. . . actually the man stopped all on his own! He saw them before I did. He saw that windmill and remembered you saying that a picture with bluebonnets and a windmill is the ultimate. . .

  2. Would love to see bluebonnets!